Turkey nabs FETÖ members trying to flee to Greece

Turkey nabbed 19 people, including 13 members of the FETÖ, while they were trying to slip out of Turkey, the Defense Ministry said on Aug. 7.


The suspects were arrested during an attempt to cross into Greece, the ministry said on Twitter.

They were caught by troops in the northwestern Edirne province near the Turkey-Greece border, it added.

Bulgaria Censured for Expelling Turkish Journalist Fleeing Arrest

A refugee waits near the Pazarkule Border gate early morning at the Turkish-Greek border, in Edirne, Turkey, 04 March 2020. EPA-EFE/SEDAT SUNA

The Bulgarian state was ordered to pay the journalist 15,000 euros in damages.

The court in Strasbourg found that he was forced to leave Turkey amid a widespread crackdown in the aftermath of a failed coup in July 2016.

Turkey Pressures North Macedonia Over Extradition of ‘Gulenists’

After the Turkish ambassador to Skopje, Hasan Mehmet Sekizkok, on Wednesday said that his country wants 86 alleged "Gulenists" deported from North Macedonia, 20 of whom it wants to be extradited to Turkey, authorities in Skopje responded that they are working on it.

Turkey's Maarif takes over 2nd FETÖ-linked school in Ethiopia

The Turkish Maarif Foundation on July 15 assumed the full administration of a school previously run by the FETÖ in Ethiopia's Oromia state after years of legal battle.

"Official handover of the school will soon follow after the conclusion of asset transfer," Levent Şahin, Maarif representative in Ethiopia, told Anadolu Agency.

Turkish businesses voice unity 5 years after defeated coup

Turkish business representatives released strong messages of unity and solidarity on the fifth anniversary of a defeated coup attempt in the country on July 15, 2016.

Nail Olpak, head of the Foreign Economic Relations Board of Turkey (DEIK), said the nation stood firm against the coup attempt of the FETÖ, which sought to plunge Turkey into darkness.