Kosovo Force

Many injured in Zvecan clashes, one Serb shot and wounded with AK-47

ZVECAN - Many people were injured in Monday's clashes between Kfor troops and Serb protesters in Zvecan, a Serb-majority municipality in northern Kosovo-Metohija, a Tanjug reporter on the ground said.

One of the protesters was shot and wounded with an AK-47 rifle and subsequently hospitalised with an exit wound.

KFOR attacked Serbs in Kosovo-Metohija; There are wounded, bursts of fire echo VIDEO

As they state, shock bombs are flying in all directions and shooting is heard, and the attack was carried out by KFOR.
Just a few minutes before that, Igor Simi, a representative of the Serb List, called on the citizens, more than a thousand of them, gathered in front of the Municipality building in Zvean, to sit quietly on the ground, with their hands raised.

Vucevic: Army to remain in full combat readiness until Friday

BELGRADE - Serbian Defence Minister Milos Vucevic said on Monday the Serbian Armed Forces would remain in full combat readiness until Friday and that deployment of army formations along the administrative line with Kosovo-Metohija would be completed by 2 pm.

Vucevic noted that he expected the issue to be resolved by political means and not through war.