Increased Traffic towards the Bulgarian Seaside: Tougher Police Control on the Road

Due to the increased traffic to the Southern Black Sea coast, the Burgas police launched a specialized operation. It is mainly directed against road control.

A large number of police officers are concentrated at the entrance to Burgas at the exit from "Trakia" highway. Over 50 inspections were carried out in just 2 hours. Several violations were also found. 12 slips for drivers carrying passengers without seat belts and 15 slips for the passengers themselves were compiled. Two tickets were issued for using a phone while driving and two tickets for headlights not working.

In addition to the "Traffic Police" teams, there are also representatives of the "Customs" Agency and "Automotive Administration" in the operation. Two trucks were detected, which were transporting cargo in excess of the permissible amount. One exceeded its load by 2 tons and the other by 4 tons.

"Last week, taking into account the increased traffic, many cars, people from the interior of the country coming to our territory to rest and the control we carry out in this regard, we have found 11 motor vehicle drivers who drove after use of alcohol with a concentration in the blood of over 1.2 per thousand and 17 such drivers who drove vehicles after using drugs," said Commissioner Marin Dimitrov - head of the "Security Police" - Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs-Burgas.

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