Libyan Tanker Returned in Bulgarian Waters

Libyan tanker Badr, which was renamed Bdin and his property changed, has returned to a Bulgarian waters, according to

The property of the tanker, that is Libyan state-owned company is about $ 40 million, was changed on December 21, and it went into the hands of Bulgarian company Bulgargeoin, which claims old receivables to the Libyan state for over $ 9 million.

The Nurse Nasya Nenova Wins Case Against her Torturers to Libya

Twelve years after the so-called HIV trial in Libya, nurse Nasya Nenova won a case against 9 Libyan investigating officers, NOVA said.
The General Secretariat of the Jamaican Ministry of Libya must give 500 000 leva compensation to Nasya Nenova and 26 617 leva additional property compensation.

Libya Embassy in Bulgaria Submits Protest Note to Bulgarian Authorities on Detained Libyan Vessel

The Libyan Embassy in Bulgaria has submitted a protest note to the Bulgarian authorities on the instructions of the Libyan Foreign Ministry regarding the detention of the Libyan oil tanker "Badr" by the Bulgarian authorities, reports Libya Observer. 

Bulgarian Coastguard Police Uses Force to Seize Libyan Vessel Badr, Evicts Crew

The Bulgarian coastguard police has used force to evacuate the Libyan crew on the Libyan vessel Badr that is docked in a Bulgarian port, a joint statement by the National Company of Sea Transport and Ports Authority revealed Saturday, reports Libya Observer.