Egyptians remain in detention after Greek court acquittal over shipwreck

People react after the verdict, as charges against nine Egyptian men accused over a 2023 migrant boat disaster off Greece were dropped, after a Greek court said it had no jurisdiction to hear the case as the shipwreck happened in international waters, in the city of Kalamata, Greece, May 21. [Reuters/Renee Maltezou]

Greek police detained nine Egyptians on Thursday saying they could flee the country, despite a court ruling dismissing a case against them over a 2023 shipwreck, one of the deadliest in the Mediterranean.

The disaster shocked Europe and the case has been followed closely in Greece, which has been a gateway to the European Union for thousands of migrants and refugees.

Up to 700 migrants from Pakistan, Syria and Egypt boarded a fishing trawler in Libya that was bound for Italy before sinking off southwestern Greece, last June. Some 104 survivors were rescued and only 82 bodies were recovered.

On Tuesday, a Greek court dismissed charges against the nine men of setting up a criminal group and causing the shipwreck, citing lack of jurisdiction as the disaster occurred in international waters. The court also acquitted them of charges of illegal entry into the country...

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