Vučić: "War for human lives, but also for the future of our country is being waged"

"I congratulate the citizens of Serbia on that, they deserve it. We did it in the best way," says Vucic. He points out that he is satisfied with the response of the citizens, as well as the organization, and especially with the comments that "the Germans did not do this either."

Less than 10,000 teaching staff get immunised against COVID-19

Chairman of the National COVID-19 Vaccination Activities Committee (CNCAV) Valeriu Gheorgita said on Tuesday that less than 10,000 teaching staff have so far been immunised. "I think there were about 7,000 people, as far as I know. I am not able to give you the data from yesterday [Monday], but we are talking about less than 10,000 teaching staff vaccinated.

Third tough lockdown not unlikely but not ‘imminent,’ says health expert

One of the experts sitting on the government's committee of health advisers on Tuesday said that a third, tough lockdown similar to March and November cannot be ruled out, but added that the likelihood remains somewhat distant given the current epidemiological picture.

Firm signs deal to produce Sputnik V vaccine in Turkey

Turkey will produce Russia's Sputnik V vaccine following the completion of legal procedures and technology transfer, the head of Turkish pharmaceutical company VisCoran İlaç Sanayii AŞ told Anadolu Agency on Jan. 25. 

Noting that the deal was signed on Aug. 16 last year, VisCoran's CEO, Özturk Oran, said the company did not think to announce it until they get the license.

"For us from the red zone, there is no dilemma"

He added that he was satisfied in principle with the response of the citizens.
Stating that the only light at the end of the tunnel is vaccines when it comes to the fight against coronavirus, Dr Stevanovi says for the First Program of Radio Belgrade that he hopes that the trend of citizens' response to vaccination will continue to grow.