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Gerdjikov: Congratulations to the Winner. The Entire State Apparatus Worked for the Acting President

Congratulations to the winners. I hope that their promises will come true, not my predictions. Thanks to all the citizens who voted for us in the first and second rounds. We ran because we thought there was a way to overcome the division, and most of all because we were worried that democracy was in danger.

Rumen Radev is the New-Old President of Bulgaria

Former Deputy Foreign Minister: US Pressure on Bulgaria for North Macedonia will Increase

The most important thing is the strongest possible foreign policy activation and the strongest possible speaking and explanation of our position, which has been lacking in recent years. This was stated to BNR about the relations between Bulgaria and the Republic of North Macedonia by Milen Keremedchiev, former Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Economy of Bulgaria.

How Radev and Gerdjikov Presented Themselves at the Debate - Assessment of Sociologists

In the studio of "The Day Begins", sociologist Boryana Dimitrova described the debate as very important, especially for people who want to vote informe, to see the position of the main candidates. She also commented that the differences were clear. According to Parvan Simeonov, the clash between the two presidential candidates passed almost without mistakes on their part.

How will Bulgarians Vote in the Runoff for President (Step by Step Instructions)

How will a Bulgarian vote for the president of the runoff on November 21, when the current head of state Rumen Radev and the GERB-supported Prof. Anastas Gerdjikov will face each other?

To make it easier for voters, last night the Central Election Commission uploaded a voting simulator that shows the voter step by step how to exercise their right to vote on the machine.

Bulgaria: CEC will Announce the Results of the Presidential Election Today

By the end of the day, the Central Election Commission must announce the final results of the presidential and vice-presidential elections. Its decision for a run-off on November 21 is also expected. The CEC continues to accept the documentation from the district election commissions.

Bulgarian Elections: More than 90,000 People Voted in Turkey

More than 90,000 people voted in the two-in-one vote in Turkey. Such activity took place only in the 2009 presidential election. With 21.21% of the protocols processed, Mustafa Karadayi is in first place in the presidential vote, second is Prof. Anastas Gerdjikov, and third is Rumen Radev.

Presidential Candidate Anastas Gerdjikov: “We have Achieved our Main Goal - to have a Runoff"

"We have achieved our main goal - to have a runoff in the presidential election." This was stated at a press conference by the presidential candidate Prof. Anastas Gerdjikov.

According to him, the second goal of their presidential candidate couple with Nevyana Miteva was to reduce the big difference with the Radev-Yotova couple from the beginning of the campaign: