Mitrovica, Kosovo

Another Serb arrested in Kosovo-Metohija for alleged war crime

KOSOVSKA MITROVICA - The so-called Kosovo Police said on Monday it had arrested a Serb suspected of allegedly having committed a war crime.

In a statement, it said the 70-year-old man, identified with the initials Z N, had been arrested in the north of Kosovska Mitrovica for allegedly committing a "war crime against civilians - sexual violence" in the Vucitrn municipality in 1999.

Serbs gather at protest rally in northern Kosovska Mitrovica

KOSOVSKA MITROVICA - Kosovo-Metohija Serbs gathered at a mass protest rally in northern Kosovska Mitrovica on Monday to call on the international community to ban Pristina's unilateral decision to abolish the Serbian dinar and point out that Serbs in the province were disenfranchised and deprived of the basic living conditions.

Serbian gendarme detained by Pristina's police released after questioning

KOSOVSKA MITROVICA - A member of the Serbian Gendarmerie who was detained at the Jarinje administrative crossing on Friday has been released from a police station in the south of Kosovska Mitrovica after several hours of questioning, the regional deputy chief of the so-called Kosovo Police told Tanjug.

Petkovic: Kurti sparking new crisis in Kosovo-Metohija by land-grabbing

BELGRADE - The head of the Serbian government Office for Kosovo-Metohija Petar Petkovic said on Friday that, by land-grabbing in a Serb-majority municipality, Pristina PM Albin Kurti's "occupation gauleiter" in northern Kosovska Mitrovica had taken a new step towards militarisation and occupation of the north of Kosovo-Metohija by Kurti's parapolice.

Pristina's police carry out searches in north of Kosovo-Metohija in connection with Banjska case

KOSOVSKA MITROVICA - Pristina's police on Wednesday carried out searches on several locations in the north of Kosovo-Metohija in connection with the Banjska case.

In a statement to Tanjug, the regional deputy chief of the so-called Kosovo Police said no arrests had been made for the time being.

The new president of the Serb List was elected

The session will be held starting at 12 o'clock at the party's headquarters, on Kralj Petar I street in Kosovska Mitrovica, Serb List announced.
Elek was elected at the assembly of the Serb List, which has been held in North Mitrovica.
Dr Elek is the director of KBC Kosovska Mitrovica, and he will replace Goran Rai as President of Srpska Lista.