National security

Invisible walls

A story on cyberattacks published today in Kathimerini sheds light on a deficiency in Greece's national security policy. At the same time, it also points to the fact that the public discourse on national defense is being conducted with terminology from the previous century.

Prevention Remains Biggest Challenge to Bosnia’s Anti-Terrorism Strategy

"This community has no links to the institutions that might help her re-educate her children in the coming period. To do that here … will be very hard," he said.

Such complex work with returnees from Syria is a new experience for institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina, although they have had two years to prepare work on "deradicalizing" Islamic State returnees.

Sergiu Bozianu: Moldova Still Doesn’t ‘Get’ Privacy Law

In June 2019, in the last days of Pavel Filip's Democratic Party government, an journalistic investigation done by media outlet RISE Moldova revealed that the Interior Minister had authorized special surveillance actions on 52 members of the pro-European opposition, civil society members and journalists.

Police probing exchange of fire in Athens district

Authorities were investigating on Tuesday a shooting incident at a parking lot in Athens' western Haidari district shortly after midnight.

According to private television channel Skai, police believe two groups of unknown individuals started shooting at each other at the corner of Iera Odos and Kanari Streets.

Cyber war is just a "matter of time": Iran is functional "offline", unlike the USA

Deutsche Welle asked security experts: What would be the strength of Iran in such a cyber war?
The day after the US drone attack killed Iranian General Qasim Soleimani, the US Department of Homeland Security issued a warning against possible cyber-attacks by Iran and its proxies.

Real policing

It has become abundantly evident that political will is key if the Greek Police (ELAS) is to fulfill its mission. However, will alone is not enough. The task also requires reform, training and modern equipment.