North Mitrovica

Body of drowned man pulled from Ibar River, north Kosovo

ZVECAN - The body of a drowned man, believed to be a 17-year-old Kosovo Albanian, was recovered from the Ibar River near the village of Grabovac in the municipality of Zvecan in northern Kosovo-Metohija on Tuesday.

Kosovo Police Regional Operations Chief Zeljko Bojic told Tanjug that the body was found by a water rescue dive team on Tuesday.

Two Serbs cleared in case of murder of Kosovo police member

Two Serbs cleared in case of murder of Kosovo police member

KOSOVSKA MITROVICA -- A three-member panel of EULEX judges found on Monday Radovan Radic and Milovan Vlaskovic of Zubin Potok, northern Kosovo, not guilty of killing Enver Zumberi.

Zumberi, a member of the Kosovo special police unit ROSU, was killed four years ago.

Two Serbs released from custody

KOSOVSKA MITROVICA - The two Serbs who were taken into custody after the disappearance of an Albanian teenager in northern Kosovska Mitrovica were released on Tuesday, lawyer Kaplan Baruti said.

The court denied the prosecutor's motion to order that they be kept in custody, Baruti told Tanjug.

Serbs released from custody, more incidents in KM

Serbs released from custody, more incidents in KM

KOSOVSKA MITROVICA -- Two Serbs held in custody after the disappearance of a 17-year-old ethnic Albanian in northern Kosovska Mitrovica have been released.

This is according to lawyer Kaplan Baruti, who told Tanjug that the prosecutor's motion to extend the court custody over the the Serbs had been rejected.

Shots fired at police car in Kosovska Mitrovica

BELGRADE - Unknown attackers fired shots at a Kosovo police vehicle parked in front of a health center in the Serb-majority northern part of Kosovska Mitrovica, north Kosovo-Metohija, two hours after midnight Sunday.

The incident occurred around 2 a.m. and no police officers were in the vehicle at the time of the attack, said deputy regional commander of the Kosovo Police Besim Hoti.