Borsa Istanbul visits companies

Borsa Istanbul has said that it provides detailed information about IPO processes and capital markets by conducting planned and regular visits to industrial enterprises.

The statement by Borsa Istanbul recalled that the list of the top 1000 largest industrial enterprises of Türkiye was announced.

New mucilage to form in Marmara Sea: Expert

All conditions are set for the formation of new mucilage in the Marmara Sea considering the latest photos, according to Mustafa Sarı, a member of the Mucilage Science Board and a professor from Bandırma Onyedi Eylül University.

"When you look at Bandırma Bay, for example, you see three different colors, brown, turquoise and dark green."

Byzantines cast spells with dolphin oil, says expert

The Byzantines hunted dolphins and used dolphin oil in the pharmaceutical industry, in oil lamps and in some superstitious works, said Vedat Onar, professor at Istanbul University, examining animal bones unearthed in archaeological excavations at Istanbul's Haydarpaşa, a historic train station on the Asian side.

They used dolphin oil to cast spells, according to Onar.

Country to experience blistering heat, warns expert

Heavy downpours and flurries will leave the country as of July 1, a prominent Turkish meteorologist has said while warning citizens to get ready to bear the brunt of blistering temperatures that will last at least a week.

"As of the weekend, the temperatures will reach life-threatening levels," Orhan Şen told the daily Milliyet on June 29.

Turkey Frees 373 Detained at Banned Istanbul Pride March

Hundreds of LGBT activists detained for taking part in a banned Istanbul Pride Parade on Sunday were released on Monday after a night in detention.

"Police interrogation of 373 people who were detained yesterday is now over, and they will be sent to hospital before being released," the organisers of Istanbul Pride Week said.

Redbull Istanbul Unlocked in July

The two-day Red Bull Istanbul Unlocked will gather the popular venues of Istanbul under one roof. Focusing on entertainment, music and taste, the festival-like event will host more than 10 venues and more than 60 artists in Mecidiyeköy Old Liquor Factory on July 1 and 2 between 7 pm and 3 am.

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