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Deputy PM Barna: We intend to have budget in Parliament in first part of February

This year's budget could be debated in Parliament in the first part of February, the big challenge being the allocation of money for investments, Deputy Prime Minister Dan Barna, co-chair of the Save Romania Union - Party of Liberty, Unity and Solidarity (USR PLUS) said on Tuesday. "It is, indeed, these weeks' priority.

Bulgarian Social Analyst: Trust in Government Is Seriously Undermined

The zero difference between the main political forces fuels the talk of the possible forgery of parliamentary elections in the spring, social analyst Kolyo Kolev told BNR.

In his words, there is mounting tension within the society, as the government's approval rating is plummeting. Purely psychologically it is unlikely that people will accept a possible victory of GERB.

MHP leader backs Erdoğan’s efforts to expand support to People’s Alliance

Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) leader Devlet Bahçeli expressed support to the recent meetings of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan with members of opposition parties, including veteran conservative politician Oğuzhan Asiltürk, a member of the Felicity Party's (SP) high advisory board, and Democratic Left Party (DSP) chair Önder Aksakal, saying these initiatives aim to strengthen the People's All

GERB: We Will Not Uphold Any of Amendments to Electoral Code Proposed by President Radev

"President Radev has demonstrated that he is not capable of building consensus and has scheduled the elections for April 4. Since the summer, he has proposed that elections should be in November or December. On December 7, he set the date for March 28. Then the consultations began. Everyone said they were ready to go to the polls on that date. Today Radev announced a new date - April 4.