Politics of Kosovo

EC calls for de-escalation efforts by Belgrade, Pristina, implementation of agreements

BRUSSELS - In conclusions adopted at a Brussels summit on Friday, the European Council said Belgrade and Pristina must "pursue sustained de-escalation efforts, as well as ensure the holding of new elections in the north of Kosovo as soon as possible, with the active participation of Kosovo Serbs," and added that failure to de-escalate tensions would have consequences.

Vucevic: It is good we had opportunity to reiterate Kurti is not meeting commitments

BELGRADE - Serbian Defence Minister Milos Vucevic said President Aleksandar Vucic had reiterated during meetings with European leaders in Brussels on Thursday that Pristina's PM Albin Kurti was not meeting commitments from the Brussels Agreement and that Serbia would never accept UN membership for Kosovo or recognise its southern province as independent.

"That scenario has already been prepared..."; Serbia avoided it

"There is nothing nice and easy for us there, nor will we hear anything nice and easy within those talks. The good thing is that Serbia avoided that scenario of being the culprit, of being a disruptive factor, of wanting conflicts, because that scenario has already been prepared with the aim of not only accusing Serbia, but also punishing it," Vuevi told Happy television.

Vucic: We said Serbia cannot accept Kosovo independence

BRUSSELS - Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said on Thursday evening after a series of meetings with European officials in Brussels that Serbia, in line with its policy, had said clearly it wanted all agreements signed in the dialogue with Pristina implemented, from a fundamental agreement from 2013 to agreements later reached in Brussels and Ohrid.

Belgrade, Pristina to hold separate meetings with EU officials Thursday

BRUSSELS - Officials of Belgrade and Pristina are due to hold separate meetings with EU officials in Brussels on Thursday, a source in the EU told Tanjug on Tuesday.

The source said the two parties would not hold a joint high-level meeting.

Details about the place and time of the meetings are yet to be announced.

Brnabić at the UN Security Council on Kosovo: The man who shot Serbian boy is free

Prime Minister Ana Brnabic represents Serbia at a session of the United Nations Security Council at which the Report on the work of UNMIK will be examined today in New York.
The beginning of the session is scheduled for 15:00 local time in New York.

EU urges Belgrade, Pristina to de-escalate, calls for elections in north Kosovo

BRUSSELS - Belgrade and Pristina must continue constant efforts to de-escalate the situation, especially when it comes to the soonest possible holding of fresh elections in the north of Kosovo-Metohija with active Serb participation, say draft conclusions to be adopted at a Brussels EU summit to be held on Thursday and Friday.