Rail transport

Unionist Radoi: Subway protests are about salary cuts, layoffs, nothing to do with commercial spaces

The subway protests were organized as a result of the dissatisfaction of trade unionists caused by Metrorex's [the Bucharest subway company - editor's note] to reduce employees' salaries and lay off staff and has nothing to do with the situation of the commercial spaces, the head of the Unitatea - Sindicatul Liber din Metrou (USLM) trade union, Ion Radoi, told AGERPRES on Friday.

Minister Bode: Those who assumed to participate in metro protest will pay before law

Interior Minister Lucian Bode said on Friday, during his visit to Bihor County, that those people who assumed the participation in the metro protest, even as a spontaneous labor conflict, will pay before the law because the provisions in force oblige to ensuring at least one third of the transport capacity. "The law is law for everyone.

Subway traffic blocked Friday morning due to spontaneous union protest

The flow of metro trains was disrupted on Friday morning by a spontaneous protest of several representatives of the USLM (Metro Free Union) in the Unirii Square station, the protesters going down in the tunnel, on the rail road, and preventing passenger trains from starting on time, according to normal hours, Metrorex informs.

Skaramangas tenders are in the pipeline

In the next few weeks, probably within February, a new announcement will be issued for the sale of Skaramangas Shipyards, both by the company's administrator and the Hellenic Public Properties Company (ETAD).

The two tenders that will run in parallel follow the previous, inconclusive process whose failure is attributed to ETAD's "maximalistic" original approach to the asking price.

First White Arrow train to arrive in Greece on Jan 18

The first of five state-of-the-art White Arrow trains will arrive in Thessaloniki from Italy on January 18, according Italian-owned railway service operator Trainose.

It is set to make its passenger debut on the Athens-Thessaloniki route on March 25, on the occasion of the bicentennial of the start of the Greek Revolution in 1821.