Bulgarian Teachers to Receive 15% Pay Rise This Fall

''The salaries of the Bulgarian Teachers will increase with 15% this fall'', said the Finance Minister Vladislav Goranov, according to bTV.

September's growth will be the same for all, as there is no mechanism yet to be linked to the results of their work.

However, the next increases will be given after well done job.

Average Monthly Salary Up in Q1 of 2017

EUR 516 is the average monthly salary for the first quarter of the year - National Statistical data show.

This means there is a 1.6% increase compared to the last three months of 2016.

The highest salaries are in the IT sector, where the average monthly pay is over EUR 1,000. The lowest salaries are in the hotel and restaurant business and in the administration.  

Prof. Ufe Ostergard: How to Unite Europe When Bulgaria's Salaries Are Lower Than Denmark's Child Benefits

"The differences between West and East Europe are huge. I will give you only one example - the minimal salary in Bulgaria is lower than the child benefits in Denmark.

The European Union is not able to achieve the will, so as to overcome the national differences and to use power. The current EU condition could be compared to one small hangover."

Galab Donev: 'Forming A Parliamentary Commission on Outstanding Salaries Is a Step In the Right Derection'

In an interview for the Bulgarian National Radio, Caretaker Minister of Labour and Social Policy Galab Donev described the formation of a parliamentary commission for analyzing the problems connected with unpaid salaries by different companies as a positive step.

MPs Will Not Be Freezing Their Salaries

MPs will not be freezing their salaries. This was made clear after the vote on the new rules of procedure of the National Assembly, endorsed after a final vote in parliament today, BNR reported.

The Bulgarian Socialist Party proposal that the MPs' basic salary remain unaltered at the December 2016 level throughout the entire term of the 44th National Assembly, was rejected.