More and more Bulgarians Travel Abroad, Greece Remains the Preferred Destination

The Bulgarian National Statistical Institute published its latest survey during the week, according to which Bulgarians are traveling abroad more and more. According to NSI data, trips of Bulgarians abroad increased by 12% compared to the same period in 2017.

Gun Ownership High Among Balkan Civilians: Report

The Small Arms Survey, published on Monday, listed Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Kosovo among the top 25 countries when it comes to the estimated rate of civilian firearms possession per 100 people.

Montenegro and Serbia shared third place, after the United States and Yemen, the report said.

Bosnia to Strengthen Border Police After Migrant Increase

The Independent Board of the Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina, an independent body in charge of Bosnia's police, called on Monday for the immediate deployment of at least 200 more officers to the border force.

The border police welcomed the move but said the force still needs more resources.