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Zvečan: Kurti's special forces set out to arrest Serbs; KFOR helicopter landed

Almost at the same time as the information about the action of the Kosovo Police in Zvean, local residents reported to the Kosovo online portal that the KFOR helicopter had landed in itkovac, in this municipality.
The main street in Zvean is blocked on both sides, writes Kosovo Online.

In Montenegro, Memories of Pain and Generosity on the Refugee Road

Dejan, then 20, had been nearing the end of his military service in Kosovo, then a southern province of Serbia, when NATO launched air strikes to halt a brutal Serbian counter-insurgency war. At the time, Serbia and Montenegro were all that was left of Yugoslavia, still joined together after the other four republics - Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia and Macedonia - had seceded.

Rama threatened Serbia

The Albanian Prime Minister said today that if Serbia does not soon release the three recently arrested Kosovo policemen, it will mean a return to the cooling of relations between Tirana and Belgrade.

Chaos continues: Another Serb arrested in Kosovo; The police issued a statement

In the north of Kosovo and Metohija, it is still very tense. The day began with the arrest of a Telekom Srbija employee, who, according to the company, was "abducted when he went to work" in Leposavic. The Office for Kosovo and Metohija made an urgent announcement.