"A plan has been made for the NATO troops to withdraw from Kosovo..." VIDEO

"Donald Trump and his team made big and innovative moves to bring Kosovo and Serbia closer together. We had an economic agreement that both sides pushed forward," said Grenell.
"I have to be honest, since we made great progress in 2020, we discussed the potential idea of removing NATO forces from Kosovo. It was time, they had nothing to do. The two sides agreed on economic development, they opened borders, they agreed on the Pristina-Belgrade airline, Lufthansa said they would provide that flight, we made a lot of progress, but then the Biden team came and decided to change US policy in the Balkans," Grenell said.
As he stated, now the US policy is that Europeans are in charge.
"So, for the last three years the Europeans have been in charge and what we see is chaos, violence, conflicts and we see an increase in the presence of troops in Kosovo. These are the facts," Grenell said.

[Jack Smith] has a hatred for Donald Trump.
Former Acting Director of National Intelligence, @RichardGrenell describes how Jack Smith destroyed negotiations between Kosovo and Serbia under the Trump administration.
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— Real America's Voice (RAV) (@RealAmVoice) June 19, 2023

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