Vučić at the Arms Fair: Powerful "Lazanski" presented; Vučić: Miroslav would be proud

The ceremony is attended by the representatives of the companies that take part in the exhibit, members of the officer corps, but also foreign delegations.
As previously announced, during the visit to the fair, President Vui will also meet with the Chief of the General Staff of the National People's Army of the People's Democratic Republic of Algeria, General Saïd Chengriha.

Merkel and Vučić in the Palace of Serbia: An official meeting is underway

Vui has repeatedly expressed his gratitude to Merkel for everything she did for Serbia while she was the Chancellor of Germany.
According to Vui, Merkel has done a lot for Serbia, especially when it comes to German investments in the country. Vui repeated the same message in tonight's address.

Incident in front of the Assembly: A vehicle crashed into the fence PHOTO / VIDEO

According to B92.net, after breaking through the fence, the person got out of the vehicle, shouted and cursed and then started to run away. He was caught in Pioneer Park.
According to the announcement of the Ministry of the Interior, he fled through the park with a bar in his hand, shouting "ministers out".

Today 34 new cases of coronavirus, three died

In the last 24 hours, three people died, a total of 234.
808 people were hospitalized, 15 were on respirators, while 4.904 recovered.
Epidemiologist Darija Kisic Tepavcevic said after the session of the Crisis Staff that the tightening of measures was not considered and that the epidemiological course was going in the desired direction.