Viktor Orbán

Orban's Diplomatic Twist: Hungary Shifts Stance on Military Aid for Ukraine

In a surprising turn of events, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has signaled a willingness to reconsider his position on utilizing the European Union budget to provide military aid to Ukraine. The announcement precedes a crucial emergency EU summit scheduled for Thursday, where leaders will deliberate on support for Ukraine amid escalating tensions.

The EU Threatens To Cripple Hungary's Economy If Orban Vetoes Aid To Ukraine

The EU will sabotage Hungary's economy if Budapest blocks new aid to Ukraine at a summit this week, the Financial Times reports, citing a confidential plan drawn up by Brussels that marks a major escalation in the battle between the Union and its most pro-Russian country. member.

Orban Threatens To Stop Ukraine From Joining The EU '75 Times'

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban recently made headlines by asserting Hungary's potential to intervene in Ukraine's EU accession process, should the need arise. Orban referred to the EU's decision as merely a symbolic gesture, implying that Hungary retains the power to halt Ukraine's progress into the EU.

EU unlocks Hungary funding on eve of Ukraine summit

The EU released 10.2 billion euros ($11 billion) of funding for Hungary on Wednesday, the eve of a summit on support for Ukraine that Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has threatened to derail.

The European Commission insisted Hungary had undertaken measures to improve the judiciary's independence, therefore meeting the requirements to access the money.