Viktor Orbán

‘Pray Before You Tweet’: Hungary Promotes ‘Christian Communication’

A conservative theologist, Semjen is leader of the Christian Democratic People's Party, the pseudo-coalition partner of Prime Minister Viktor Orban's governing Fidesz party. In his doctoral thesis, he famously called Rolling Stones singer Mick Jagger "the devil".

Illumination of Serbia, Hungarian Style

The group includes Balint Erdei, a friend and former business partner of Orban's son-in-law, Istvan Tiborcz, as well as Radovan Đumić, whose company Keep Light is prospering thanks to the public contracts it is winning, Dragoljub Zbiljić and Nenad Kovač, businessmen with links to SNS, and Mark Crandall, a former boss of Brnabic.

The Generation that Betrayed Hungarian Democracy

This smart, ambitious and energetic group become the face of a generation of activists who were more fearless - and more radical - than any other political circle at the time.

We called ourselves "the children of divorced parents" - a metaphor for the political divisions between rural and urban intellectual circles that we idealistically hoped to heal.