Mail votes from Chios to Papua New Guinea

[Prime Minister's Press Office]

The envelopes of the postal vote are traveling across the globe so that Greek citizens in 128 countries participate in the upcoming European elections. Destinations include a diverse mix of countries from Haiti and Saint Barthelemy in the Americas, Azerbaijan, Vietnam and Oman in Asia, Kenya and Congo in Africa to Papua New Guinea in Oceania.

By late Tuesday evening one in two voters had already received the envelope with the material to participate in the European elections on June 9.

Out of a total of 202,515 voters who registered through the relevant platform - 152,311 within Greece and 50,204 residents abroad - more than 110,000 voters have received the material. 

The postal vote "experiment" is being implemented for the first time in Greece and is a final rehearsal for its adoption in other elections, most notably in national elections.

"This is an...

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