2021 Elections: 2in1 Vote for Bulgarians Abroad - 760 Sections will be Opened in 68 Countries

There will be 760 sections abroad in 68 countries, said Ivan Kondov - head of a working group for voting abroad at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, BNR reported.

He described as the biggest difficulty the delivery of machines and ballots to all sections abroad in a possible second round of the presidential election.

2in1 Elections in Bulgaria: November 14 We Vote on One Machine and One Smart Card

The Central Election Commission has decided that in the "two in one" elections on November 14, voting will take place on one machine and with one smart card. The receipts will be two or one, depending on whether the voter votes for both types of elections or only for one.

Bulgarian Elections: How to Vote 2 in 1 on November 14

In the parliamentary and presidential elections on November 14, one vote will be cast with one card, but in most of the sections where the voting is by machine, the devices will probably be not one, but two. This is being discussed in the Central Election Commission, but there is no final decision yet, it became clear from the words of its spokesperson Rositsa Mateva today.

GERB Would Win if elections Were Now - Opinion Poll

The formerly ruling GERB party would win if early elections were held now, as support for There Is Such a People (TISP), the largest parliamentary force, slipped by about 5 percentage points in a month, according to an August 13-22 nationally representative survey among 1,055 people aged 18 or over. It was financed and conducted by bTV and Market Links.

Foreign Ministry Proposes Postal Voting for Bulgarian Abroad

The Foreign Ministry will move amendments to election legislation to introduce expatriate voting by postal mail in Bulgarian political elections, require advance registration of Bulgarians willing to vote abroad, and set up an overseas constituency election commission, Foreign Minister Svetlan Stoev told a briefing on Friday.

Opposition calls on govt to resign or seek confidence vote

Ljubljana – Centre-left opposition groups have called on the government to either resign or seek a confidence vote, describing its decision to backtrack on two major bills as yet another proof that it no longer has a majority.

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CEC Set Rules of Video Recording and Broadcasting in Election Day

The Central Election Commission has determined the conditions and rules for video recording and video broadcasting, taking into account the results of the voting in the polling stations.

It will take place after the end of the Election day - when the voting is declared over, during which the recording of voters' lists is not allowed.