Four Britons Crossed the Atlantic with Rowing

Their achievement is for the oldest team

A crew of four Britons crossed the Atlantic with rowing and beat the Guinness record. Their achievement is for the oldest team to cross the ocean with rowing. Their combined age is 257 years, the youngest of them is 61, and the oldest is 67. They have travelled 3,000 miles in 49 days. The record so far has been 223 years combined age.

Turkey’s top diplomat slams ex-ambassadors over Montreux Treaty row

Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu has criticized a joint declaration signed by 126 retired ambassadors who said that the proposed Kanal Istanbul project may bring the validity of the 1936-dated Montreux Convention into question to the disadvantage of the Turkish interests.

Increased Risk of Avalanches in the Mountains

Bulgaria's Mountain Rescue Service on 31th of January warns of high danger of avalanches in the mountains. 

There is considerable avalanche danger where the storm-strong winds have deposited fresh snowdrifts on the slopes.

One skier is enough to trigger an avalanche in such locations, the rescue service warns.

Naturally triggered avalanches can also be expected.