About 70% of Venice Is Underwater Once Again - Flood Damage Is Estimated at about 1 Billion

About 70% of Venice is underwater once again. The water level has reached 150 cm above sea level, Mayor Luigi Brugnaro said, DPA and BTA reported.

The city's lowest point, San Marco Square, was flooded and closed to tourists. The UNESCO-protected city lagoon was flooded for the third time in less than a week.

Crete bracing for storms

Authorities in Crete are advising residents and visitors to exercise extreme caution on Friday, as weather forecasts warn of powerful storms hitting the island.

The fire service advised residents to clear gutters and balcony drains, but also to avoid walking or driving in any areas where there are even the smallest signs of possible flooding.

A Smart City Will Power Itself with Electricity and Water

Italian architect Stefano Boeri publicly presented his project for an area not far from the Mexican resort of Cancun. According to many, the idea can become a model for eco-urbanism. It was submitted to the local government in Cancun in March this year and is now pending approval, Channel 3 reports.

Capturing the ever-changing icebergs of Greenland

It's an ever-changing spectacular: steep ravines and undulating curves around tips and troughs in a landscape that underscores the imposing solitude of the Arctic. "Icebergs are magnetic in every respect, evolving works of art of nature. You can watch an iceberg and in three days it may capsize, break up, change into something entirely new.