Young tourist couple drowned in the Bosphorus

A young couple from Mongolia who were in Istanbul to spend Valentine's Day has drowned in the Bosphorus.

According to eyewitnesses, the young man fell into the Bosphorus and his girlfriend then jumped into the water to save him. The couple's bodies were later found by officials on Feb. 11

Sereter Bat-Erdene, a student in Switzerland and his girlfriend Sarengerel Dorl?g Jav arrived in Istanbul on Feb. 7 and checked into a five-star hotel in Be?ikta?.

Reports suggest that Bat-Erdene was walking on the hotel's outer wall when he lost his balance and fell into the water. Jav immediately jumped into the water to save him.

Hotel employees who witnessed the incident rushed to the scene, but the young couple had already drowned.
Following search and rescue activities, officials found the couple's bodies.

Police have launched an investigation and said the incident was caught on the hotel's surveillance cameras.

Officials have also confirmed Bat-Erdene was the son of former wrestler and Mongolian deputy Badmaanyambuugiin Bat-Erdene, while Dorilgjav was the daughter of Mongolian Justice Minister Cambii Dorilgjav.

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