11 companies that proposed 250-300 euros/month for Greek workers

A number of multinationals are exploiting the Greek crisis by taking advantage of the large numbers of unemployed. Daily To Vima listed 11 multinationals that called for wages at 250-300 euros so that they could continue operations in Greece a few months ago. It is worth recalling which multinationals are exerting this pressure:

1) Minas Zooullis, managing director of Athinaiki Zythopoiias (Amstel, Heineken)

2) George Spiliopoulos, managing director of Barillas Hellas.

3) Grigoris Antoniadis, VP of Unilever Hellas

4) Andreas Kalatzopoulos, general director of Philip Morris

5) Konstantinos Faltsetas, Henkel Hellas

6) Konstantinos Mangioros, managing consultant at Friesland Campina, NOYNOY

7) El. Haloulakos, managing director of Kraft Hellas

8) Dimitrios Pisimisis, managing director of Bic Violex

9) Raymond Franke, Nestle Chief

10) Katerina Arvanitaki, sales director of SCA Hygiene Products

11) Emanuel Papadakis, managing director of Ytong – Thrakon


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