Naked fury as uni students streak through campus hallways (pics + vid)

90 students in the Philippines streaked accross their campus grounds in a protest organized by Alpha Phi Omega fraternity as part of an annual run to call for transparency in the country’s anti-corruption policies.

The event was an annual run attended by current students and college alumni. Some wore masks, but others didn’t mind their identity being shown as they streaked naked through hallways.

Onlookers were given roses by the nude men who have been doing this since the Seventies when fraternity members ran naked to protest against former President Ferdinand Marcos’ censorship of a film criticizing his administration. Marcos has been long dead but the run has gained in popularity and an event that Manila looks forward to.


And it doesn’t happen at the Philippines either…

At Berkeley there’s an annual run that has become something of an event drawing voyeurs and exhibitionists by the droves:



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