Parliamentary panel addresses 10 questions to top Turkish general on coup, abduction

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A parliamentary commission investigating the July 15 coup attempt has directed 10 questions to Chief of Staff Gen. Hulusi Akar, who was abducted by putschist soldiers during the foiled attempt before being saved together with other members of the top brass, according to broadcaster NTV.

The questions are as follows: 

- How did you learn about the coup attempt?

- Was there intelligence submitted to you from the National Intelligence Organization (MİT) about suspicions of a coup attempt or an attack on the MİT?

- Did you contact the private secretaries of the Prime Ministry or the Presidency upon receiving this intelligence? 

- During your term in office, have you received any report that considers the Fethullahist Terror Organization (FETÖ) or the Parallel State Structure (PDY) as a threat? 

- Have you discovered any FETÖ/PDY members during your term in office? Did you a request a report from MİT in this regard?

- What is the most important reason why you did not notice the infiltration of FETÖ members into the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK)?

- Can you tell us about how you were incapacitated and taken to the Akıncı Air Base and Çankaya Palace?

- Was your neck squeezed with your belt?

- How do you evaluate the statements of Mehmet Dişli [a coup-plotting general] that he was there with you?

- How were you rescued from the Akıncı airbase?

MİT informed the country's top generals hours before the coup attempt was initiated by a group of soldiers on July 15, while Akar evaluated the information and issued all necessary warnings and orders against "this despicable and miserable attempt," according to a statement published on the General Staff's official website on July 19...

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