BHC: Voting In Turkey's Bursa Too Slow

The election process in Bursa is going very slowly and a lot of people there will not be able to vote, stated for BNR Kaloyan Stoev, an observer from the Bulgarian Helsinki Committee (BHC).

"As a whole, the election process is going very slowly. People are getting upset, at some places, there is no organisation at all as to how they should wait in line. There are crowds; people are literally being pushed out of the rooms. All of this hinders the electoral process tremendously. According to my calculations, about 50 people per hour get to vote which is very few given the huge number of voters. The new requirement of the Central Election Commission for voters who are not listed in the election lists to fill in and sign declarations in the rooms themselves hinders voters and the whole process slows down. Tension is incredible. People have been waiting since 7 am and have still not managed to vote. It appears a lot of people will not be able to exercise their right to vote."


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