Witness and former member says GD a 'military style organization'

One of five key witnesses at the trial into the suspected criminal activities of neo-Nazi Golden Dawn told judges on Friday that the party was run like a military style organization with a strict hierarchy that organized attacks against migrants and other perceived enemies.

The witness, a former Golden Dawn member, is under protective custody and addressed the special court at Piraeus's Korydallos Prison anonymously from police headquarters in downtown Athens, in the presence of a prosecutor and a misdemeanors judge. His voice was digitally altered to protect his identity.

A member of GD from 2012 to 2013, the witness said that during his time with the party he had received military style training at a facility in Malakasa, north of Athens, and participated in drills for attacks on migrants and other targets. He added that the Malakasa training sessions were also...

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