Halyvourgiki seen to have used power to make oxygen for Linde

Market sources attribute the excessive consumption of energy at the plant of defunct Halyvourgiki to the production of oxygen for another company.

A few days ago Public Power Corporation stopped supplying electricity to the historic steel producer after Halyvourgiki had run up debts of more than 30 million euros in unpaid bills. In a statement this week, PPC wondered why a plant that ceased steel production in 2015 continues to consume so much power, equal to that consumed by large clients such as Athens International Airport.

Well-informed sources claim the power goes toward the production of oxygen, which had continued at the Halyvourgiki plant after it ceased steel production. Oxygen is necessary for the production of steel and, as the firm's website states, the need for the use of pure oxygen led in the early 1960s to the installation of three oxygen-producing units...

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