Wrestling in the Colosseum

How will the hatred that has spread around us in the years of the crisis be erased? The Greek people have been deeply divided. You have the supporters of the bailouts versus the critics, the haves versus the have-nots, the patriots versus the traitors and so on. Everyone played a part in drenching Greek society in hatred. Some did it for the votes, others for the TV ratings, and others for the online clicks. 

However, stoking division and manipulating hatred during political confrontations always backfires. Only those who do not wish to govern and face no risk of having their image compromised can pull this game off. The others surf the wave of indignation to climb to power only to face off against what they themselves created. There is no way of breaking this vicious cycle.

Greece, like most Western societies, is undergoing a phase of abrupt adaptation and declining...

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