Ex-Financial Minister Velchev - Proposed Ministers by Slavi Trifonov Are Not Puppets

"I know about half of the announced candidates for ministers by Slavi Trifonov and I definitely do not think that they depend on anyone's instructions."

They are successful professionals who do not need to be puppets of anyone in this phase of their careers, "former Finance Minister in the NDSV government Milen Velchev told BNT today.

In response to a question, he said that the nominee for Prime Minister Nikolay Vassilev was the strongest voice for a sound financial policy in the NMSS government.

According to Milen Velchev, the state does not need a state bank like the Bulgarian Development Bank.

He also expressed the opinion that it is unlikely that a serious investor will be found who wants to buy it, given that it does not even have a branch network. Velchev is of the opinion that an update of the budget is needed, although in the past this word has become synonymous with failure or deficit.

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