Election Surprises End Bulgaria’s Political Stability

And contrary to expectations, voter turnout was not lower than usual, despite the pandemic, with long queues reported, particularly at polling stations abroad. By Monday afternoon, with 80 per cent of the ballots processed by the Central Election Commission, the notion of an election that could mark the upending of the status quo dominated by the GERB-BSP rivalry had become a reality.

Bulgaria’s Fragmented Opposition Hopes to Ride Wave of Discontent

The election will pose a major test of the ruling coalition after much criticism and last year's mass protests against corruption, shrinking media freedoms and questionable populist moves, such as the decision to block North Macedonia's progress towards EU membership.

Bulgarian Railways Launched an Attractive Graffiti-decorated Locomotive

A train with a graffiti-decorated locomotive departed today, August 13, from Sofia to Bourgas. The idea of the Bulgarian state railway company, BDZ, is one of a kind and aims to show that painting in an urban environment can have a beautiful end result, reports BNT. 

Maya Manolova: If I Decide to Run, I Will Become a Mayor

"I have not decided whether to run, but if I decide to run, I will become a mayor. This is the cause of fear, of aggression, of the attacks that I have been subjected to. The whole propaganda machine around the power is harnessed - the media, the speakers of the power… This speaks of panic. Trying to be attacked, defamed.