Police Chase and Car Crash Closed Temporarily Trakya Motorway

Serious accident hampered traffic on the Trakya motorway this morning after a driver refused to stop at a police signal, the Interior Ministry's press office said.

The incident happened in the Plovdiv section of the motorway around 9 o'clock.

A driver of a Volkswagen traveling in the direction of Burgas, instead of obeying the police order, turned on the gas and continued on his way.

In the area of ​​the 112th km, his car passed between two other cars going side by side and collided with one of them.

The car was smashed by the impact, and according to initial data, there is a seriously injured woman inside, who is to be taken out with the help of specialized fire equipment.

The driver was detained on the spot.

Until the case is completed, the cars are redirected from the 90th km through Pazardzhik, pass through Plovdiv and return to the motorway, police source clarifies.

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