Golden Butterfly goes to best of Turkey’s entertainment world


The 47th Pantene Golden Butterfly Awards, the longest-running award ceremony that takes the pulse of the country's cinema, TV and music world, took place in Istanbul on Dec. 5.

Winners selected by the public and jury votes got their awards in various categories at the ceremony, organized in collaboration between the daily Hürriyet and Pantene, held at Zorlu PSM.

The event, hosted by actor Cem Davran and model-actress Çağla Şikel, reached millions through television broadcast.

Belgium-born Turkish singer Hadise received the "Best Female Singer" award for the second consecutive time.

"Today is the World's Women's Rights Day. I am sensitive to women's issues. I never kept quiet and never will. There were too many femicides this year. I take this award in the name of all those women who became victims and are living a restricted life," she said.

Nazlı Çelik, an anchorwoman, also dedicated her "Best TV Anchorwoman" Award to all women who are victims of domestic violence. "The women of this land are mothers, laborers and lovers," she expressed.

Edis, 31, received the "Best Male Singer" award in the name of "all the musicians who suffered amid the pandemic."

He was also honored for his song, "Martılar," (Seagulls) which was chosen as the "Song of the Year."

This year, the "Best Actress" Award was shared by two women from the TV series "Masumlar Apartmanı" (The Apartment of the Innocents), which tells the story of three siblings suffering psychological problems. Ezgi Mola and Merve Dizdar thanked the crew of the series.

Çağlar Ertuğrul got the "Best Actor" award for his performance in a TV series "Teşkilat" in which he portrays a Turkish intelligence officer on the field.


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