Early retirement allowed in 2023

The door to retirement before the age of 62 remains open for thousands of workers both in the public and private sectors, provided they met the special conditions envisaged in the previous years.

These conditions are, among others, the completion of 25 years of service or the existence of a dependent minor in the period 2010-2015, as well as the redemption of additional years, which give workers within 2023 the possibility of early retirement, either with a reduced or a full pension.

The special limits also apply in the new year, which experts estimate will be characterized, as in 2022, by the mass retirement, either early or normal, of hundreds of thousands of workers. This is because the pension rights of people who joined the labor market in the 1980s are now maturing, while at the same time the exceptions provided for in 2015 are also being used, so that the...

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