Cyprus’ new archbishop enthroned, no Russian clerics attend

The head of Cyprus' Orthodox Church Archbishop Georgios formally assumed his new duties Sunday following an enthronement ceremony evoking the splendor of centuries of Byzantine tradition before an audience of clergy from around the world with the notable exception of the Russian church.

Russian Patriarch Kirill sent no representatives at the St Barnabas Cathedral ceremony following following the Cyprus Church's decision to support the Ukrainian Orthodox Church's independence, in line with the position of the Ecumenical Patriarchate in Istanbul.

Conversely, the Ukrainian Church's Metropolitan Symeon and Archbishop Efstratios were in attendance as Archbishop Georgios, bedecked in crimson and gold-trimmed liturgical vestments, trailed a procession of senior clerics into the cathedral.

Although some pro-Russia bishops dissented against the 2020 decision by the 16...

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