Last Meeting of the Caretaker Government, PM with a Speech: The State is Not for Private Use, the State is for the People

Acting PM Galab Donev @BGNES

Acting Prime Minister Galab Donev announced that in all his actions the government led by him was guided by the Constitution, the laws and the interests of the Bulgarian citizens.

"Six months ago, you showed courage, and perhaps a touch of recklessness, when you accepted to be ministers and give up your right to personal peace," he pointed out at the beginning of the cabinet meeting, which will be the last of the caretaker government's mandate.

"Despite the serious attacks, provocations and problems, you showed strong nerves and character in the battles we fought to return the state to the people. Because the state belongs to the people, and the best ruler is the one who is ready to part with it at any moment. The state is not for private use, it belongs to the people," stressed Donev.

The Prime Minister called on his ministers today "to do some useful work for the people of Bulgaria".

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