Hot new fashion talent Burç Akyol makes 'magic with little'

While the fashion world braced for the celeb juggernaut of Pharrell Williams's first show in Paris on June 20, a young designer was making his own modest splash with a debut below his own home.

Burç Akyol might not yet have the means to shut down the oldest bridge in Paris like Williams was doing for his Louis Vuitton show, but for fashionistas in the know, he is just as exciting a proposition.

The 34-year-old's first show as part of the official Paris Fashion Week roster continued his unique blend of Eastern and Western styles that has already seduced the likes of Cate Blanchett and Cardi B - both of whom have worn his daring dress featuring two silver hands cupping their breasts.

"We're not Vuitton, but it doesn't matter, maybe we will be one day," Akyol told AFP as he put the final touches to the show.

For now, his Paris apartment doubles as his workshop, with a bedroom cluttered with designs.

His show took place, as did his previous ones, in the courtyard of his building in the 8th district of Paris.

"I find it important to bring my guests to my house, it's very homespun," he said. "We manage to make magic out of very little," he added.

One of his flagship dresses is an "all black, very simple lace," he said as an example.

"We just inserted gold threads into it to be able to make it something special and give it a second life."

Transparent with an integrated thong, it is worn by a model with curves that remain rare on the catwalk, especially for this kind of chic and sexy silhouette.

He also returned to the "burqa" look that he has introduced in the past seasons.

A play on his name, it is also a statement about women's rights, and features a transparent veil that covers the body from...

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