Worst Natural Disaster hit Slovenia

Heavy rains have caused catastrophic conditions in major parts of Slovenia and lives are also at risk. All available public safety units are on the ground to provide all necessary assistance in rescuing people and minimizing material damage.
In most of the areas affected by the floods, rescue efforts are being shifted to the phase when basic conditions for subsistence and communications are being provided. Due to the extent of the damage in the affected areas, the Republic of Slovenia has decided to request international assistance through EU and NATO mechanisms.
The Government Communication Office of the Republic of Slovenia has set up a special website in the English language that compiles current news and instructions related to flood measures for the foreign public and media, especially for foreign citizens that are currently living or visiting Slovenia The information on the website is regularly updated and contains essential information about what to do during and after floods, emergency numbers, essential tips and advice for tourists, links to websites to monitor weather conditions, surface water condition, the situation on the roads, and pubic transport connections, where to contact foreign embassies and consulates, and, information and contacts of Slovenian charities that accept donations to help people affected by the massive floods that hit the Slovenia.
Information about the current situation in Slovenia can also be followed through Twitter/ X account of the Slovenian Government.
In addition, Slovenian Press Agency has also launched a special website for foreign public...

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