Over €45 bln in realty by 2030

Over 45 billion euros, or €6 billion on an annual basis, is expected to be invested in the Greek housing market by 2030, according to a relevant report by the National Bank of Greece.

These funds will be headed in two directions, toward the construction of new homes (€40 billion), where there is a significant deficit, and the functional and energy upgrade of the existing building stock (€5 billion). This is expected to add a total of 350,000 homes to the stock of properties for sale, allowing demand to balance. In this context, NBG speaks of an average annual price increase of 3% in the 2025-2030 period, slightly lower than the projected increase in households' disposable income.

However, the conditions of reduced supply in relation to demand are not expected to change in the near future, as a result of which the upward trend in residential prices will continue. The...

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