Ukrainians Stage Border Blockade in Response to Polish Farmers

A counter-protest unfolded at the Yagodin-Dorogusk border crossing as Ukrainian citizens orchestrated a blockade, mirroring the actions of Polish farmers, to disrupt the return of Polish transporters to their country. The move comes amid ongoing tensions stemming from a month-long protest in Poland, where farmers are rallying against the transit of Ukrainian grain and transporters from Ukraine are decrying unfair competition.

Approximately 15 trucks and 20 cars participated in the Ukrainian-led blockade, aimed at delaying the return of Polish transporters. The action is a direct response to the blockade on the Polish side of the border, where farmers have been protesting and disrupting traffic. The Polish protests, scheduled to escalate on February 20th, involve the complete shutdown of border crossings with Ukraine, as well as key transportation hubs and routes used for the transport of Ukrainian goods.

1 Spiegelblockade???????? LKW'Gesellschaften hat begonnen.
15???????? Lastwagen & ~ 20 PKW's blockierten den????????-???????? Grenzübergang „Yagodin - Dorogusk".
Die Fahrer möchten, dass die polnischen???????? Transporter auch bei der Rückfahrt nach ???????? in der Schlange stehen.

— Sanny_G_Knabe????????????????️‍???????????? (@KnabeSanny) February 15, 2024

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