Brnabic: Gov't ready to cooperate with ODIHR, int'l probe would be loss of sovereignty

DESPOTOVAC - Serbian PM Ana Brnabic said on Wednesday her government was absolutely ready to continue its quality and constructive cooperation with ODIHR and find a way to meet the organisation's recommendations but that an international inquiry into the December Serbian elections would be a direct breach of sovereignty that no country would allow.

"That would mean you do not have your own institutions and that foreigners can come to your country and question citizens, which is equivalent to occupation - it is a loss of sovereignty," Brnabic told reporters in Despotovac, central Serbia.

She said it would never be clear to her why the opposition wanted to trample the sovereignty of its own country underfoot.

"That will forever remain a disgrace and a stain on their names," Brnabic said.

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