Bulgaria's Health Minister Downplays Medicine Shortage Concerns Amid Insulin Supply Issues

In today's briefing held at the Ministry of Health, Bulgaria's Minister of Health, Prof. Hristo Hinkov, addressed concerns regarding the shortage of certain medicines in the country, particularly insulin. Prof. Hinkov asserted that the perceived shortages and associated drama are exaggerated, emphasizing that the ministry diligently monitors the pharmaceutical market.

Deputy Minister Prof. Ilko Getov echoed this sentiment, stating that the Ministry of Health conducts systematic and thorough monitoring of the pharmaceutical landscape. He emphasized that all decisions are grounded in data, evidence, and rigorous checks. Prof. Getov highlighted the monthly inspections conducted in collaboration with regulatory bodies to assess medication availability across regions and pharmacies.

Regarding the shortage of insulin, Prof. Getov provided insights into the reported cases, noting that while there have been signals of scarcity in certain areas, the overall situation is manageable. He disclosed that the ban on insulin exports will be extended into March to ensure adequate domestic supply.

Prof. Getov reassured the public that the Ministry of Health has secured insulin quantities for the next three months. While acknowledging delays in specific insulin products, he emphasized that shortages are minimal for most other medications.

To address tracking and supply chain issues, a working group will be established to develop a robust system for monitoring medicinal products.

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