Sun Princess cancels Santorini stop due to congestion

The Sun Princess, a cruise ship operated by Princess Cruises, has notified its guests that it will not be making a stop at the Greek island of Santorini on upcoming voyages due to congestion issues.

In an email communication to guests, the company stated, "Please note that there is a change to our scheduled itinerary. Due to cruise ship congestion, we will no longer call to Santorini, Greece." The email elaborated that the anticipated situation would lead to significant overcrowding, detracting from the overall visitor experience.

"We apologize for the inconvenience and disappointment this change may cause," the message conveyed.

Originally slated to visit Santorini on June 11, the 15-deck Sun Princess will now redirect its course to Hania, located on the southern island of Crete, as an alternative destination. However, there have been slight adjustments to the...

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