Former Finance Minister: Bulgaria Can Enter the Eurozone in 2026 at the Earliest

Former Finance Minister Simeon Dyankov has suggested that Bulgaria's potential entry into the Eurozone may not materialize before 2026 at the earliest. In his assessment, he outlined the necessity of a well-functioning government and an effective information campaign to facilitate this transition.

Dyankov emphasized the existing challenges, noting that Bulgaria currently falls short in addressing inflation and lacks essential legislative frameworks, not only specific to the Eurozone but also pertaining to broader financial regulations. Furthermore, he highlighted Bulgaria's concerning status regarding money laundering, stressing the imperative for comprehensive reforms within both legal frameworks and institutional infrastructures.

Moreover, Dyankov highlighted the precarious nature of the majority support for joining the Eurozone, indicating that it hovers just above the 50% mark. He underlined the looming questions posed by both citizens and businesses regarding the implications of Eurozone accession, particularly concerning timing and subsequent adjustments.

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