Young Bulgarians To The Acting PM: "Just Don't Send Us To Ukraine!"

Acting Prime Minister Dimitar Glavchev has affirmed in an interview with "24 Chasa" that Bulgarian military personnel will not be dispatched to Ukraine in any capacity. The interview, scheduled for publication in the "24 Chasa" newspaper and on the website on Monday, addresses concerns over Bulgaria's involvement in the conflict.

Glavchev emphasized that attempts to manipulate public opinion regarding Bulgaria's participation in the war are unfounded. He recounted an encounter during a weekend hike on Vitosha Mountain, where young people expressed apprehension about being sent to Ukraine. Glavchev reassured Bulgarian citizens that no such deployment will occur without the approval of the National Assembly, asserting that any discussion on the matter is mere speculation.

"There are attempts to manipulate public opinion that Bulgaria will be involved in the war. This weekend, when I was climbing Vitosha on the paths between the Momina Skala and Sredets huts, some young people said to me: 'Just don't send us to Ukraine.' I want to assure the Bulgarian citizens that our military personnel will not be sent to Ukraine in any form. You know that without the sanction of the National Assembly, such a decision cannot be taken. So any talk on this topic is speculation. There is no direct risk to the security of the country", stated Dimitar Glavchev in the interview.

The acting Prime Minister underscored that there is no immediate threat to Bulgaria's security, affirming that the government remains committed to maintaining the country's sovereignty and ensuring the safety of its citizens.

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