‘Greece must recognize UK’s ownership of the Parthenon marbles before loan,’ Frazer says

Visitors look at ancient sculptures that comprise some of the Parthenon Marbles housed at the British Museum in London. [KIRSTY WIGGLESWORTH/AP]

Greece must formally recognize the UK's ownership of the Parthenon Marbles before any loan negotiations can proceed, stated Lucy Frazer, Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport of the United Kingdom, on Wednesday.

During a meeting of the Culture, Media, and Sport Committee on Wednesday, Frazer expressed her stance on the Parthenon Marbles, emphasizing that "The British Museum Trustees are responsible for the objects, they were legally acquired and we have no intention of changing the law in relation to those issues."

When asked about her stance on loaning the sculptures, Frazer reiterated the importance of Greek recognition of the ownership of the objects, stating, "I think it's very important that the Greek government recognizes that those objects are owned and have been legitimately acquired. Objects are loaned from time to time but it is fundamental that...

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