Two in every three new electric buses remain parked

[InTime News]

It will take months for all 140 new electric buses Greece has just acquired to be put into service, with officials from the Ministry of Transport pointing to late August or early September. Until then the new buses will hit the streets at various stages.

"All 140 electric buses have been integrated into the transport project of the capital. Of these, 46 buses today - for the first time - serve citizens. And in the coming weeks, their number is expected to double," the ministry said in a statement last Friday.

In fact, out of the 140 buses, only 46 can now circulate, with the other 94 being parked at bus garages. The reason is that the project of permanently installing the charging infrastructure has not been completed in time.

While operating company OSY has procured 140 electric buses from China, the permanent installation of the charging stations that would...

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