Evidence of arson piles up in Lamia food factory case

Footage from an employee's cellphone camera allegedly shows the blaze spreading across the entire front of the factory just moments after starting on a truck that was parked right up against a door.

Evidence of a deliberate attempt to commit insurance fraud and wriggle out of prosecution for other potential crimes, including delivering tainted meals to schools, appears to be piling up against the owners and/or management of a disgraced food factory in the central Greek city of Lamia.

In the most recent indication that the blaze which destroyed the Giannitsis Logistics SA plant on May 19 was deliberate, Fire Service arson investigators have reportedly found that the firm's management had contacted their insurance brokers just a few days earlier asking for a higher payout in the event of a fire.

Investigators have also reportedly found evidence to indicate that the fire spread much too quickly for it to have been accidental and was probably fueled by an accelerant.   

The absence of one of the factory's three security cameras is also being treated as...

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